Daily Essentials Ladies Should Have in Their Bag

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I wanted to write a post that is easy to read. This will be a post about what I usually have in my bag daily. Being a student I’m referring to my everyday school bag that I use. Everyone is different, therefore not every girl or women will have what I have in my bag. Some people even have first aid kits in their bag- I wish I could be that prepared.  Take a look at what I have in my bag…

1.  Uni/ school basics: The first thing I have in my everyday bag is my basic Uni materials. So, for the days I’m at Uni (which is just 3 days a week) I like to take my laptop( for taking notes of cause), a few pens and highlighters, I used to have a full pencil case for this, but since I type more than I write my notes, I started taking fewer pens.  I only take my textbooks to Uni sometimes cause they are pretty heavy.

2.Lotion: The second item I walk around with is my travel size bottle of lotion. I can get pretty dry and ashy because it is winter and the weather sucks up a lot of moisture (and also the fact that I get lazy to properly apply moisturizer in the morning). So this is a must to also have in your bag.

3. Perfume/ deodorant: Carrying perfume around is a pretty smart idea. It doesn’t have to be perfume, it can be a body spritz, roll on or deodorant. I carry this to refresh when I’m out and about especially during the hot days.



4.  Hand Sanitizer: I have this because I take public transport to get to Uni and when I’m holding on to the rails, I like to sanitize afterward to fight germs. Also, I like applying hand sanitizer before I eat lunch. You don’t always have access to a tap.

5. Face wipes or tissues: Because I’ve got an oily skin type, my face gets oily like nobody’s business during the day (it’s crazy)  so I use wipes for that and also to wipe off my makeup for the days I decide to wear makeup and get tired of it. Wipes are also great for other purposes such as wiping your hands if you don’t have any sanitizer, wiping down desks or countertops, laptop, phone–everything!!  It’s literally a clean freaks’ weapon.

6. Most importantly food and my water bottle: Because I’m not trying to starve I usually pack snacks like fruit, a sandwich or my overnight oats I usually make for the long days at school.

And that is it, these are the core things I always have in my bag.

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