Style on a budget: Top 5 cheap places to shop online


Hello everyone, hope you are all great.

I wanted to do a post that is helpful for my girls who like me, want to look fashionable but for less money, mula, dollars, benjis. I try not to spend a lot of money on clothes, so if I can get good quality clothes for less, I will holla. This post will consist of my top places to shop for less online. I try to do a wardrobe cleanse every now and then before I shop because I like to hoard clothes.

1 Ali Express: Is an online wholesale retail service compromised of different sellers. Depending on the seller you buy from, Ali express has a lot of things for good prices. And it’s not just clothing they sale like I said there are a lot of options. You just have to keep searching for what you want.

2 Fashion Nova: I have bought a few things from Fashion Nova recently when I was coming over to London. It was the first time buying from them. All the things I chose were my perfect size, that’s always what I worry about when ordering clothes online if it’ll fit me. But everything was my size. This website is kind of expensive, but that’s because it’s a US site and I ordered from Australia so, in Australian dollars, it was more expensive.



3 Missguided: This is another site that gives my eyes food, the clothes here are awesome as well. I especially like it when they have a sale on and they also provide general and student discounts.

4 ShopMissA: I don’t shop here often because it is not really a clothing website just mostly makeup products site for make, brushes and other things for about $1 or $1.50. Shipping can be a lot as well but again it depends on where you live.


This is the list, for now, hopefully, this will expand soon because I would like to know where else I can find good quality clothes for less money. So comment down below.