Shop with a purpose, not with your bank account

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Hello beautiful people

This post will be about how to limit spending and save money in the process.

As I have mentioned before in other posts I’m a student and therefore I can relate to the struggles.

Going to Uni (or school for the high schoolers) and trying to save money and at the same time wanting to shop till I drop, travel and all the other fancy things that cost money.

But it’s not just students that find it difficult to save money, it is generally harder to save than spend.

I genuinely understand how it feels to want to buy that cute pair of shoes or that pretty dress that is just begging to showcase on Instagram or getting the latest iPhone, laptop etc.

However worried if you buy it now you’ll probably end up broke later. The more we spend the more we have to work replace it. A simple solution to this is cut back on how much shopping we do.

Chances are if you’re buying new clothes or shoes every week or so you’re wasting money. We work hard to make money so we shouldn’t just be spending money just because we have it.

We should be shopping with a purpose. As in before we buy something, we should think about it or even sleep on it.


If you’re the type of person who automatically wants to buy a product as soon as you see it- you know when you have that love-at-first-sight kind of moment with a product and you’re in that I’ve got to have it mood this goes out to you.

Unless you are buying products for a business or you are trying to grow your own brand such as beauty bloggers or makeup gurus, YouTubers etc. then you should always- and I mean always rethink about what you are spending your money on.

You don’t want to buy something on impulse and regret it. If you know you won’t use something as often as you think you will- then you probably should not buy it – Step away from the dress.


This totally applies to me as well which is why I’ve included it- I’m a total hoarder.  I hoard clothes, books, paperwork and anything else that I think I like.

So, my advice here is before you go shopping- get rid of the things you don’t want or need anymore. Declutter and make space, to bring more things- make sense, right?

Donate what you no longer use or want and throw away the items that are beyond repair because they’re overused and need to be replaced.

If you want to make money while you create space just sell items that are in good condition. There are plenty of apps and websites such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy and plenty more to sell things on.


This just means that whenever you are ready to shop for new things; clothes, shoes, accessories etc. you should plan a day or maybe even a week to shop and make this like a once a month kind of thing.

By this, I don’t mean shop once a month for necessities. For things like groceries, they should be bought fortnightly. Buy enough to last until you go shopping again.

What I’ve been trying to do is to be consistent with shopping for new clothes at least once a month.

Sometimes I can go for 2- 3 months without buying any new things because;

1: I still have things that I’ve bought but had never worn and

2: sometimes I only buy things because they are on sale and not because I need it.

I also do this is because I have been trying to create a minimalist wardrobe, I have given away most of the clothes I don’t wear anymore. Rather than focusing on the quantity of clothes I have, I am focusing on how to improve my dressing style.

By providing these tips I’m not saying we shouldn’t pamper ourselves now and then, but the point is money is so fast to disappear.

Most young adults tend to spend without thinking about what we’re buying. Growing with good money saving skills and putting more thought into shopping will be very beneficial in the future.

I just think we should be using the money we spend on shopping to travel or something great like that, paying for experience instead of material.

These tips will enable you to save money, a semi lifestyle change and allows you to be more organized and creative.

Another benefit is that creating space declutters your mind and home, thus creating a more positive, organized environment.

I hope these tips somehow help and that you acquire the benefits of mindful shopping.

Comment down below how you shop with a purpose.