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As I have mentioned in my London travel blog,  MsTopacJay(Esther), MsElizjay(Elizabeth) and I traveled over to Rome, Italy for a couple of days while we waited for Uni in London to begin.

We left London on the 5th of September at 12:30 pm and arrived in Rome around 6 pm and then we met our airport transport at the exit of the airport. He drove us to where we were staying, Warmthotel which was quite close to Fiumicino airport where we arrived.

When we got to the hotel we checked in, got the key and headed up to our room. After settling in we had dinner and went exploring. We ended up finding the gym and meeting rooms.

The hotel was clean and affordable which was the main priority while we were looking for hotels, so that was great! the cost didn’t put a huge dent in our wallets. It also has great services. It provided free WIFI and free breakfast (they made delicious food) and a free shuttle bus transport we could book to go to the train station. The hotel also has a phone that we could take with us when we go out and use it to call the hotel to pick us up from the station.

Day 1

The next day we visited the Colosseum and The Palatine Hills with a tour group that we found when we were exiting the Colosseo station. The tour was 35 euros for each person. Which wasn’t bad considering it was the only guided tour we booked on the whole trip.

The tour was great, it was very informative and beautiful. The structure of those ancient buildings and the history behind them was awe-inducing. The view of the Colosseum from inside was insane (in a good way of course). I have watched many shows and movies about Rome, but it is completely surreal to have walked where ancient Roman gladiators fought and emperors lived. It was great if ever you happen to be in Rome this two in one tour is worth trying. You can experience both knowledge and culture at a great price, rather than doing individual tours and spend more money.

Ginger Saporie salute

After touring, we were hungry and exhausted, so we decided to go in search of a restaurant that Esther had seen in a Rome vlog and wanted to check out. We walked from the Colosseum to the restaurant, meaning we got to see more of Rome on foot. The food was delicious and quite affordable. It looked familiar but hard to pronounce, we didn’t order anything fancy. The layout of the restaurant is stylish and classy. It was a nice place I would definitely eat there again.

Fountain De Trevi

The fountain De Trevi was our next and final stop for day 1 after we had some gelato at little café overlooking the Piazza. I would definitely recommend visiting the Fountain De Trevi whenever you’re are in Rome. The statures, the water, and the artwork made it amazing and beautiful to see. The Trevi fountain should absolutely be on your list of things to see in Rome.

Day 2

Spanish Steps, Tour bus and buying souvenirs

By day 2 of the trip, we had gotten into the Italian spirit. Saying buongiorno, ciao! and grazie to people we come across. We were ready to explore more of Rome by searching for the Spanish steps and the Piazza Venezia. It was quite a full-on day.

The Piazza Venezia

We started the day off by visiting the Piazza Venezia memorial museum which is based right at the central hub of Rome for everyone to see. With its beautiful artwork and statues. We just had to see it. Its also a really great place to take pictures and videos, the lighting and background are all on point.

Spanish Steps

This took us a few tries to find this too but we did. We wanted to climb up the steps but we couldn’t with the amount of walking we did to even get there. By the time we got there none of us were willing to climb the steps. There were people everywhere, so vibrant and alive.

We ate lunch after that and decided to go on a bus tour so we could rest our feet and just take in the scenery. Most of the places we drove by we had already visited. So, it was more of a relaxation tour. We could just sit there and listen to the history of the places through the provided earphones. To end the day, we went souvenir shopping and bought really cute keyrings and fridge magnets and I bought a cute mini backpack.

Day 3

Vatican City

We kind of ran out of things to do on day 3. We had planned to travel to another state either Florence or Venice, however, we were unable to. Instead, we decided to just visit the Vatican City. We went shopping before going over though, buying mostly makeup.

For the rest of the day, we toured around the Vatican City. We saw the bronze sphere within a sphere and the Sistine Chapel along with other amazing artworks.

Overall, the trip was great, we had a blast, with Rome being the second European country have been to including England. Andi wasn’t disappointed. Rome wasn’t really on my travel list but I am very glad I went because it was great to get to see.  another part of this huge world and experience the culture and the mouth-watering. I urge everyone to consider visiting Rome, it’s great for a girl’s trip, romantic getaway or the whole family.



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  1. Amitou Traore
    November 4, 2017 / 9:44 am

    I love you B so much!!! your such an inspiration!!

    • bintik
      November 7, 2017 / 9:28 pm

      Aww thanks, Ami so sweet 🙂

  2. November 5, 2017 / 7:22 pm

    I struggled to find the Spanish steps too! worth though once you do 🙂

    • bintik
      November 7, 2017 / 9:33 pm

      yes, it definitely was worth it.