Hey beautiful people

I wanted to write an update on life so far. How I moved 22hrs away from my family and life living in London, England.

I recently transferred to London as part of a student exchange,  just for the last semester of 2017.  This is my second year of my 4-year law course. We decided to apply for the exchange programme at the end of 2016. We were just in the library working on an assignment, when the Uni website popped up, advertising the programme.

And figured it would be great to travel and study in another country.Three of us chose to go to the London for 4 months. We started the paperwork and Voila! that’s how the journey started.

We left Melbourne, Australia on the 30th August 2017 at 5 am. The flight was long, the longest flight I’ve ever been on. But we survived it. We had to fly from Melbourne to Dubai and from Dubai to London, Gatwick Airport. I wished we had more time to explore Dubai but we only had an hour stopover. We arrived at Gatwick Airport at 7:30 pm.

First off, let me just say that I have never and I mean never been away from home and my family for this long.  I’ve been in London for nearly 4 weeks now. With 3 days in Rome, Italy because we had free time before we started Uni (plus why not it’s ROME) (Find the Rome post here).

The first week here we just got to know London, how the public transport operates and just trying to get used to the change.

So far, we have gone to Central London and checked out Oxford Street where all the shops, cafes and restaurants are. We went to a store called Primark, which is an outlet that has a lot of options for affordable prices.

I kept calling it the Kmart of London (if you live in Australia you know what I mean).

We have also found our University, we know how to get there and we’ve gotten our timetables set.We recently had our international student orientation and enrolment day. As part of our orientation, we had an excursion on the 16th of September, which happened to be the day of my birthday.

We went to Brighton (a town only an hour away from central London) we went on a tour of the Royal Pavilion. There was also a fair going on at the Brighton Palace Pier. We had lunch after the tour and then we headed over to the fair.

This is it so far we’re all sorted and ready to tackle life in London.

Stay tuned for more London and travel posts. 🙂