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Hello beautiful people,

As I have mentioned in my London blog post, that I am in temporarily staying in London. And if there is one thing I have noticed is that things a little more affordable and accessible here.

I can find affordable, good quality makeup at a nearby pharmacy. And I would find my shades because there are so much more options. Even African natural hair products are cheaper in London than in Australia. I’ve decided to take advantage of this and buy more and I’ll probably be taking some back with me.

I decided to get the Fenty Beauty products here because makeup is way cheaper in London. I got the products from this store called Harvey Nichols. This is the only store we could find that exclusively sells Fenty.

Considering all the hype around Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line products I recently bought one to give it a try. I don’t usually follow trends but even I couldn’t ignore Riri. I decided to buy the foundation in 470 and the trio stixs in the shade deep.


I don’t have that many foundations and I have always wanted a good foundation that feels natural and looks good. Most of the foundations I do have I have bought online. As we all know the difficulty with shopping online is that you don’t get the luxury of testing it out to find your shade. So, I’ve had a few misses, some too dark and some a bit too light for my complexion.

The foundation I use more often is the MAC foundation. Mac is quite above my budget on makeup to be buying it all the time, so that’s also another reason why I decided to buy makeup in London. Stock up before going back to Australia.I bought the foundation for £26  which would be around $40 in Australia.

The foundation is oil-free and designed to give a smooth and shine-free appearance. It is also supposed to be sweat proof and humidity resistance.

I have got a dark complexion so the shade 470 is a perfect match, it blended seamlessly with my skin and gave me a very natural finish. I’ve got an oily type skin my makeup doesn’t seem to last very long on my face.

The foundation feels so light and natural on my skin that whenever I have it on I forget I even applied foundation. I still got a bit sheeny on my nose throughout the day, when I apply foundation I usually get oily around my T-zone and my cheeks. Like seriously even when I don’t have makeup on I face still gets shiny with oil, so only getting sheeny on my noise is a change. It lasted way longer than my other foundations.

I used the Nivea post balm shave as a primer, which some Youtubers use for their oily skin. Before I started buying good primer, my makeup lasted like about 2-3 hours before my oil starts to show, now it can last about 4-5 hours which isn’t that long but it’s better. I still need to learn how to make it last longer and lessen the oil and shine on my face.




I purchased the match stixs in the shade Deep 400 (Suede-warm, Expresso- warm and Sinamon- Cinnamon Breeze) for £46. I actually love the matchsticks, the packaging is so cute and creative I mean seriously magnets, how cool is that. Not only are they affordable, they are also super easy to use.

I have only used the concealer and the highlighter so far because I’m still trying to figure out contouring and I love it. The trio stixs are not too in-your-face, it’s really easy and beginner friendly.

I wanted to get the individual highlighter, however, I couldn’t afford it all it together, so maybe I might get it another time and if I do I’ll review it as well.


This is how it looked.


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See you soon 🙂