Exploring Notting Hill

Hi guys, I wanted to share one highlight from London and that is of me visiting Notting Hill.

After seeing a post about Notting Hill from one of favorite YouTuber, I did my own research of what to do in Notting Hill, the first thing I saw was the beautiful, colorful houses which were enough to make up my mind that I wanted to go there. So me and a friend of mine decided to visit. And when we got there, the houses did not fail me, it was so beautiful to see. We explored the area for about 2 hours and we even managed to find the infamous blue door from the movie Notting Hill ( which we found out about the morning we were leaving, neither of us had even watched the movie) and took plenty of photos. We ended up watching the movie that night just so we could see how everything was portrayed in the movie. Overall we had a great time just strolling around this peaceful little town.

Hope you enjoyed





Shope this look below.