Colours are Changing: Fall in London

Hi guys, hope you are all doing good.

I’m still in London, trying my best to stay warm and snuggle as the days get colder, gloomier and greyer. Even with that though I can’t help but to stop and smell the roses (not literally) as in taking in the beautiful scenery of the seasons changing.

London is in Fall (Autumn in Melbourne) and I can feel the change. But seriously maybe its European countries (I don’t know) but people who leave in England are so lucky, London is beautiful during the fall season. You just see leaves changing colors; different shades of orange, green and red just gracefully falling off trees. It’s really great!

My host university is in the middle of a semi-forest location, trees all around the campus (so much so that it looks creepy in the evening), when I got to London for the first time all the leaves on those trees were green, it looked so green and healthy, but now, now nearly all the leaves on them have changed and are falling off. Which still looks amazing, it feels like you are walking on a colorful rug made from leaves.

I feel weird stopping and gasping at the leaves falling or already on the ground because other people just walk by them not giving them a second glance, but I guess this because they live here and they’re used to the weather. Because it is a lot more obvious here, I don’t think I can ever get tired of seeing it. Also, because I live in the suburbs in Melbourne I don’t see as many trees around (which is weird now that I think about).

For Melbourne, Autumn is nothing special, it’s just like a yeah-ok- the-season-has-changed, now what? that kind of feeling. Melbourne is the type of place where you can have four seasons in one day. Like you can legit get rain, sun, and cold in a day. Whereas in London, you see the change, you know it is Fall now because the weather is a lot colder even when the sun is blinding you. And it is estimated to get colder over the coming months leading up to winter.

But for now, its semi-bearable, I haven’t been defeated by London cold. Still enjoying the beauty of it all, since I don’t think I’ll see it for quite a while. This will be on my list of missed things when I’m back to Melbourne.