5 Days Yoga Challenge

I decided to try something new to challenge myself more this year and because I would like to push myself to be more active.

I find it quite tiring to work out with life getting in the way, so I thought why not compete with myself and make working out actually fun? So I chose Yoga.

I have always wanted to get into yoga to build muscle strength and increase flexibility so this was a good start. Starting off small with a 5-day flexibility beginner challenge and completed that.

I used a YouTube channel I came across called YogaTX, which had these mini yoga series. To be honest it was kind of difficult at the start.  It’s not like the poses were hard to do, but holding the stretches for some time made my muscles hurt afterward, especially since I’m a beginner. I got used to the poses after a few days, making the rest of the challenge easier to complete.

After completing the challenge I felt more relaxed and calmer since stretching relaxes the muscles and relieves tension. So I did this challenge 25 minutes every day for 5 days and I loved it. I will definitely be doing more of these challenges. I recommended you visit this youtube channel and challenge yourself. Its free, fun and short so why not? you have nothing to lose.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k37Qv8iyJg&list=PLsB8Dk1Orvu2wq2bvhWLPz_Skb1n7-yQs